Monday, March 30, 2009

MARCH 2009 Cupcakes

Last Saturday was my last order for March. So as usual, I always update my cuppies blog with pix for the whole month. Hehe, bukan malas, tp bz+penat nk update everytime lepas wat cuppies.. huk huk huk.. ok, lets check out the photos ok? :)

These cuppies are for Ismawi's wife. So sweet of u buying cuppies for ur beloved darling.... :)

This 16pcs of cuppies is a gift for my friends in ELS, hope u guys like them! ;)

Ordered by Juhaida (for her engagement). Congrats dear!

Ordered by Ekin....

Extra Special - School theme
Ordered by Farah Hanum for her daddy! Kawaii! ;)

Ordered by Myra (she's so cute!) for her beloved idiot.hehe (that's what she said) :P

Ordered by Zaiti for a fren's bday. Thanx Eja for promoting. hehe :)

Ordered by Azura Al Jeff. hehehe. kawan FB.:)

This one is for her boss, Ms. Sakinah.. I heard she loves it! hehehe :)

Ordered by Irman...

Ordered by Sabrina (yup we share the same name..hehe). She bought 4 boxes and she's selling them to her friends in MMU Malacca! I like... :)

I'll be posting sumthing about cupcakes stay tuned ok? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Themed and Weddings & Engagements Cupcakes

Good day my Cupcakes lovers! :)

Today I'm uploading all Themed and Weddings & Engagements Cuppies that I baked thru out February. Take a look at the shots and drop ur comments if u want to. :) Scroll down plz....

Football theme - Ordered by Kak Aishah (Felda Prodata)

Love & Flowers - Ordered by Kak Fiyad (My senior in BBGS)

Princess, Rainbow, Butterflies & Flowers theme - Ordered by Nazelin (My fellow BBGSian)

Princess theme - Ordered by Farhana Ismail (Petronas)

Below are cupcakes are for a wedding and engagements. I'm so glad that they like them! :)

Wedding (Hantaran) - Ordered by Aunty Rosni

I x buat kotak for hantaran sebenarnye, tp Aunty Rosni requested me to do it, so this is my first try. What do u think? Kotak for hantaran ni RM65, but actually depends on the materials yg I beli for all the deco plus the kotak.

Engagement (Hantaran) - Ordered by Kak Zam

Engagement (Hantaran) - Ordered by Felly (My babe). This one for her side nk bg pihak lelaki.

Engagement (Hantaran) - Ordered by Felly jgk. This one utk pihak lelaki utk pihak perempuan.

Orait, keep on reading my blog ok? If u r interested just email me. :)
Have a nice day lovelies! ;)