Thursday, December 4, 2008

NOVEMBER 2008 Cupcakes

I’m working part-time with my bro-in-law at the moment, that’s why I have been so occupied. Today is my off day and I’m gonna upload all the cuppies I baked in November! Yey! ;)

Ok my lovely readers, i gtg.. Keep on reading my cupcakes' blog alrite? Take care! ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Individual Packaging for Cuppies ;)

Heya peeps!

Some of my customers and friends were asking whether I sell my cupcakes in individual packaging. They want to give them as gifts to guests during weddings, function,etc. A lot of them wanted the price of the cuppies to be below RM 2. So I came up with sumthing.

You can choose the cupcakes’ flavour, be it Classic Chocolate, Very Vanilla or Chocolate Chip. Then the sizes that are available are Medium and Large. There will be no toppings on the cuppies. The minimum quantity that you have to order is 100 pcs. If less than 100 pcs, the price will be different.

The prices:

Chocolate Chip

(100 – 499 pcs) = RM 1.70
(500 – 999 pcs) = RM 1.65
(1000 pcs and above) = RM 1.55

(100 – 499 pcs) = RM 2.00
(500 – 999 pcs) = RM 1.95
(1000 pcs and above) = RM 1.85

Classic Chocolate & Vanilla

(100 – 499 pcs) = RM 1.60
(500 – 999 pcs) = RM 1.55
(1000 pcs and above) = RM 1.45

(100 – 499 pcs) = RM 1.90
(500 – 999 pcs) = RM 1.85
(1000 pcs and above) = RM 1.75

Take a look at the shots to differentiate the sizes.



L-R : Large & Medium

If you want to order, make sure to email me at least 1 – 2 weeks before your occasion’s date. Hope my idea is useful and also eases your burden in finding the right gifts for your guests! Take care darlingsss… ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OCTOBER 2008 Cupcakes

I know I know, I haven’t updated my October cuppies. I have been so busy and now, eventually, I have the time. SO sorry for the delay. Hehehe so take a look at my cuppies shots, these cuppies were baked in October. Enjoy! :)

Ok peeps, till my next post! Daaaaa.. ;)