Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 3

Doorgifts!! :)

Ordered by Kak Yan

Ordered by Ciner

February 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 2

These are my themed cupcakes for the month.. ;)

A part of my Vday promo cupcakes. Thanx to those who ordered them! :)

Then there are 2 customers wanted me to use the Vday 2010 (Love Is In The Air) design for their special ones.. :)


Fatimah Munirah

Ordered by Mas
For a gathering with her ex skool mates :)

Theme : Flower Power

Ordered by Wan Azlini
Theme : Life in a Garden

Ordered by Nano
2 boxes of 49pcs of cupcakes
Theme : Princessa

Orderd by Missy Yanty
Theme : Oh My LV!

Ordered by Azlin Feiyrus
2 boxes of 25pcs of cupcakes
Theme : Emoticons + APL

Stay tuned for Pt 3! :)

February 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 1

I totally forgotten that I havent uploaded Feb cupcakes..haha enjoy the shots ya! These are my regular cuppies... :)

Ordered by Tia for her *ehem ehem* ;)

Ordered by Nana Sakina
16pcs (this qty is only available when I hv other orders)

Orderd by Fattah

Orderd by Kak Yan

Orderd by Kikin Amir

Ordered by Ayu

*She wants the cuppies to be super bright and striking! ;)

Part 2 and 3 will be uploaded soon! :)