Friday, October 31, 2008

Delivery charges

Heya peeps!

This post is about delivery charges. So I wrote down all the places that I can deliver the cupcakes, but if you want me to send the cuppies (around the area that I mentioned), maybe you can ask me first ok? Browse carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

Btw, places that are nearer to my home (it’s easier for me to meet up with my customers at these places bcoz sumtimes it’s a bit difficult to find my house), there will be NO delivery charges. The areas are:

1. Pandan Jaya STAR LRT
2. ESSO Shamelin
3. Pandan Perdana
4. Taman Maju Jaya
5. Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri only
6. Petronas Ampang Tesco only

Below are the delivery charges:

RM 3

1. Pandan Indah

RM 4

1. Taman Maluri
2. Kampung Pandan
3. Desa Pandan

RM 5

1. Ampang
2. Bukit Bintang

RM 6

1. Mid Valley
2. Keramat

RM 7

1. Bangsar
2. Wangsa Maju

RM 8

1. Taman Melati

RM 10

1. Petaling Jaya
2. Gombak
3. Jalan Duta
4. Segambut

RM 12

1. Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
2. Taman Megah & other housing area (Cheras)

RM 15

1. Subang Jaya
2. Kelana Jaya

RM 17

2. Mutiara Damansara

Ok guys, I hope this info is useful for everyone. Till then~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cupcakes PRICING!

Dear beloved readers,

Below is the info on the prices, as well as the sizes available for my cupcakes. So browse carefully. (btw, I haven’t change the prices, this is just for your convenience so that you don’t have to go to my very first post to check out the price!)

I have 3 flavours of cupcakes:

1. Classic Chocolate Cupcake
2. Very Vanilla Cupcake
3. Chocolate Chip Cupcake

As known, I have 3 sizes of my Cupcakes. Check out these photos to get the idea the difference between the sizes…




Large, Medium & Small

There are 3 kinds of cupcakes that you can order (Regular, Extra Special and Wedding). Below are the info on my cupcakes prices and size.

Regular means that I will do the icing or topping according to my preferences. So it is up to me what I want to do with your cupcakes toppings.
For Classic Chocolate and Very Vanilla Cupcake:
-: A box of 20 pcs : RM 45

-: A box of 25 pcs : RM 40

-: A box of 36 pcs : RM 55

-: A box of 36 pcs : RM 36

-: A box of 49 pcs : RM 48

* 64 pcs of cupcakes (small size) is no longer available.

For Chocolate Chip:
-: A box of 20 pcs : RM 50

-: A box of 25 pcs: RM 45
-: A box of 36 pcs : RM 60

*Chocolate Chip Cupcakes are not available in small size.

Extra Special
Extra Special means that you may request the type of toppings that you want. It could be anything you want but you gotta tell me in advance, say 1 week before.
For Classic Chocolate and Very Vanilla:

-: A box of 20 : RM 50

-: A box of 25 : RM 45

This is a princess theme.
-: A box of 36 : RM 60

-: A box of 36 : RM 40
-: A box of 49 : RM 55

Raya Theme

For Chocolate Chip:
-: A box of 20 : RM 55

-: A box of 25 : RM 50
-: A box of 36 : RM 65

Weddings and Engagement

My cupcakes are also available for weddings and engagement too. It can be for your ‘hantaran’ and also for gifts to guests. We can discuss on the designs, colours as well the size of the cupcakes. The prices depends on the designs and size, and the price starts at RM40.

Below are the cupcakes that I baked for a wedding (hantaran) and an engagement (hantaran).

Ok peeps, these are important reminders for anyone who wishes to order my cupcakes, so please pay attention:
1. The order should be made 4 days before the actual event.
2. The minimum you must purchase is 1 BOX. It doesn’t matter which size you choose, the minimum is still 1 box.
3. My location is in Taman Cheras Indah, KL (near Taman Shamelin, Pandan Jaya and Pandan Perdana). You can pick up your cupcakes yourself, or I can deliver it to you. Delivery charges will be around (RM5-RM15) depending on your location. I only deliver to certain places, so you can inform me first where you want it to be delivered.
4. NO cancellation of orders, so make sure that you are VERY SURE to order k? ;)
5. Payment must be made upon receiving my delicious cupcakes.
For those who are interested to order my cupcakes for birthdays, all those ‘kenduri’ and any other functions, you can :
---> email me at
---> Send a message thru my Friendster or Facebook
I will check my email everyday, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

My next post will be about my delivery charges. Stay tuned.. ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cupcakes Photo Shoot! ;)

Last Sunday, my junior in UiTM (Ezat a.k. a Mr. Nakula - Sindiket Photography) arranged a photo shoot for my lovely cupcakes at his studio Shah Alam. The photos are gorgeous! ;)

Take a look at some of the photos....

*This is me with my cupcake!* ;)

My Cupcakes...

For those who are interested to capture your memories (weddings, engagement,etc) or photo shoot for your products, u can contact my friend at 017-2425420 (Ezat). U can also visit to check out the info.
Thanx Ezat and Zaid for the lovely photos! ;)
Alrite peeps, till my next post! Daa... :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

OPEN for business! ;)

Hello hello! :)

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! So how’s your raya? My raya has been very good so far.. ;)
Well, Sabrina and The Cupcakes is open for business, so keep the orders coming ya! ;)

Ok, so September has been a very good month. I’ve been so busy, that’s why I haven’t posted any photos since my last post on 22nd September. So now, eventually, I have the time, so check out the photos ya!

These cupcakes were for my relatives. I wanted them to try my cupcakes so that they can order from me next time.hehe and besides my cousins kept reminding me to bring my cupcakes to kampung. Glad you guys love it! ;)

And these are for my other cupcakes lovers….

This is an Extra Special order for Edura! ;)

Ok peeps, I’m going to update my cupcakes pricing and also the charges for my delivery. But they will be in my next post. So stay tuned… hehe