Monday, June 14, 2010

May 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 2

These are LB's Themed cupcakes for May 2010... ;)

Mother's Day Cupcakes 2010.. :)

I don't have all the photos, but thanks to everyone who bought these yummy cupcakes! :)

Some of them said...

"Byna, sgt cute & terpegun sgt.. thanks so much :)"

" mom loves ur cuppies so much!!! die nk request for their wedding anni plak nanti.. letak pic of her n my dad..bleh ke??? thanks againnn for the luvly cuppies..♥ ya! mwah!!! ;)"

"dear sweeety twins! :D, thank u for the cupcakes..seeriously mama love it! dia tanye i.." can i keep the pic n just eat the cupcake?" i was like..maaaa, jgn buat klako boleh?..cuz she said syg nk mkn...then i ckp ok jgn mkn..biar adik makn..she laugh!..seriously she looove it soooo much!!! arini MAMA.FM dia mcm off day kej...ap..hahahah..kalau tak..adeee jeeeeeeeee bende dia nk bebel..aihh... but thanks again..we love ur cuppies!! ♥

"thanks ya for the mother's day cake tuh... sweet sgt!"

Ordered by Puteri Nur Alia

Theme : Music & Guitar

Ordered by Sabrina Fadzil,

on behalf of her friend..

Theme : Love Is In The Air

Ordered by Sofia Razli

Theme : Emoticons

I managed to complete decorating these 16pcs of Large sized cupcakes in one and a half hour. Very challenging. And thanx to Sofia for the wonderful sketch u gave me. :)

She said, "Salam, Thanks for making lovely cuppies ^_^  luv it as always. My sis kate thanks for making cupcakes comel for her bday."

Thanx so much dear. :)

Ordered by Sophy

Theme : Love Is In The Air

Thanx dear! ;)

Ordered by Tia

on behalf of her officemate. Thanx babe! :)

Kak Izat said, "Welcomeeee….ngeee!!…suka sgt. ngan rumput tu…gggerrrammmnya…anyway TQ dear…"

Theme : Chelsea

Ordered by Aisyah

She said, "salam sabrina ~ thanks for cup cakes ari tu, sedap and all teacher puji la...cantik & sedap"
Thanx a lot dear! :)

Theme : Winnie The Pooh

Theme : Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Ordered by Ayux

for her engagement. :)

Thanx dear...

Theme : Love Is In The Air

Ordered by Edura

for Nabila's bday... thanx sweetie. :)

Theme : Birthday Party

Ordered by Kak Intan Hayata

Thanks Kak In! 4 kotak Kak In order bulan ni..hehe :)

Theme : Barbie

Ordered by Ainee

for her boyfie as a surprised gift..awww so sweeettt! :)

Theme : Monkey Rockstar

Ordered by Afliza

Theme : Lovey Dovey

She said, "Salam. Bna, thanks for the cupcakes. Sedap sgt. Insyaallah, bln July nanti kita order lagi utk besday abg and adik kita. tqvm."

Thanx so much dear, and sorry x dpt borak2 hari tu.. ;)

May 2010 Cupcakes Pt.1

Howdy peeps! These are LB's REGULAR cupcakes for MAY 2010. Enjoy the pix... :)

Ordered by Siti Aishah

She said, "Cupcakes u sgt sedap, my son dah mkn 10 biji pun x cukup2 lagi..hehehe"

Thanx dear! :)

Ordered by Tia ,

on behalf of her officemates. Thanx babe. :)

Ordered by Yasmin

Thanx a bunch! :)

Ordered by Jihan

Thanx dear :)

Ordered by Nani

Terima kasih! ;)

Ordered by Sabrina Fadzil ,

my loooongg time customer, and yes, we share the same name. hehe

Thanx a lot sweetie pie! :)

These 8 boxes of 6pcs of cupcakes were ordered by Sha. She brought them back to her hometown in Melaka for her family and relatives.

Thanks so much babe! :)

Ordered by Kak Intan Hayata ,

my regular customer. :)

Thanx so much Kak In! :)

Ordered by Irman ,

for his dearest mom...

Thanx buddy! ;)

Irman ordered this box on behalf of his fren, which I dun know his name.. huhu :P

Ordered by Eizza

Thanx dear! :)

Ordered by Ella ,

for Mother's Day..


Ordered by Ayux ,

my UiTM fren for her engagement. congrats dear! :)

Flown all the way to Labuan... ;)

Thanx so much...

Stay tuned for Pt. 2! :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy's Love! :)

Show some Daddy love this coming Father's Day. Surprise your father with Little Bakerina's yummy cupcakes. He will appreciate and love you for that! :)

P/S : Kindly READ THROUGH all the details, to avoid any misunderstanding. Thank u. :)


Flavour : Classic Chocolate, Very Vanilla & Chocolate Chip
Size       : 2.5oz (between LB's medium and large size)
Qty        : 3pcs Classic Chocolate , 3pcs Very Vanilla & 2pcs Chocolate Chip (8pcs)
Price     : RM 30

Additional info:

1. For the design : #1 Abah (Abah can be changed to Papa, Daddy, Ayah, or wutever it is that u want, just let me know ya?)

2. For the design : CAR and FOOTBALL ( they can be changed to Golf, Rugby or Laptop. Please inform me if u want to change the design)




3. If there is no changes from ur side, the design will stay as it is.

4. NO changes on the design is allowed.

5. Only 20 BOXES is available, First come first serve basis

6. NO BACKOUTS is allowed.

The silver box of 8pcs of cupcakes comes together with a red ribbon, pix as below...


CLOSING DATE TO ORDER      : JUNE 14th 2010 (12pm)

PICK UP DATE                       : JUNE 19th 2010 at 12 - 1pm, @ Petronas Tesco Ampang

PAYMENT METHOD               : Account transfer/deposit/COD

Those who are interested, kindly email me at OR text me at 012-363 1319.

Show your appreciation to your daddy with LB's cupcakes! :)