Monday, April 12, 2010

March 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 2

These are my Themed cupcakes for last month.... ;)

Orderd by Nano

Theme : Gurly Gurl

Ordered by Nano

Theme : Boys Toys

Ordered by Hazwani

Theme : Rock On MUSE!

Ordered by Shieha

Theme : Love Is In The Air

Ordered by Uroot

Theme : Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Ordered by Naja

Theme :  Vroom Vroom

Than you so much for your support. Hugsy! :)

March 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 1

Regular cuppies for last month... ;)

Ordered by Tia,

for her Adam. ;)

Ordered by Ayu,

She requested the cuppies to be in bright colours!

Thanx dear. :)

Ordered by Fattah,

Thank u! ;)

Ordered by Kak Yan for makan-makan.

Thanx Kak Yan. :)

Ordered by Sofia for her dearest Mama. I'm glad the whole family loves it. :)

Thanx dear. :)

Ordered by Khairul,

thanx a bunch! ;)

Ordered by Intan,

Ur daughter is super cute! Thanx ya. :)

Ordered by Azlina

She was actually in the same faculty when I was studying. What a small world. ;)

Ordered by Ida,

for DART on her 26th bday. :)

Cuppies that I made for my booth at Putrajaya. :) SOLD OUT! ;)

Ordered by Jihan,

thanx dear.

Ordered by Shiela for her friend,

but atas sbb2 yg x dpt dielakkan, he could not pick up the cuppies. So Shiela gave me the permission to give out the cupcakes. thanx dear. :)

Ordered by Haley,

for her officemates at GE.

Thanx babe. ;)

Stay tuned for Pt. 2! :)