Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Princess Land ;)

Hello hello!

Heya peeps! I’ve been doing cupcakes since last Wednesday to Saturday and yes I was a bit tired bcoz I didn’t get enuff sleep… so lets get to business! :)

Below are the pix of my lovely cupcakes which I baked for my fellow cupcakes lover! Feast your eyes….hehe

Yes I’ve done the Princess theme cupcakes for my friend’s sister. To me, it was just an OK project, and I know I can do better. I’m not really satisfied bcoz I couldn’t get the castle cookie cutter. Hmmm…does anyone know where I can buy various kind and size of cookie cutters? I’m looking for them coz I want to use them for my fondant icing & petal paste…huhu… Anyway, these are the pix of the Princess Cupcakes…

Alrite ppl! I’m off… ~Till then

Monday, August 25, 2008

24 is the number! ;)

Last 2 weeks was my 24th birthday and my friends wanted to celebrate with me. At first they were thinking to buy cupcakes from other places, but then they want me to bake my own birthday cupcakes bcoz mine are better! Haha it’s kinda funny but hey, I’m more than happy to be doing it! :) Below is the photos of my cupcakes…They were medium size and I only baked 16 pcs (bcoz I’m too lazy to do so much..hahaha)…

My friend ordered Extra Special Cupcakes (Large-20 pcs) Chocolate and Vanilla for her friends’ birthday. She requested the cupcakes to have flowers, butterfly and stars, so I gave her that :) hehe so below is the pix….

Ok peeps, that’s all for today. Will update some more! Till then~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important reminder!

Heya people!

Just to inform everyone that cupcakes orders CAN NOT be cancelled, so make sure that you are VERY SURE when you are ordering k? :) This is very important because I have certain quota that I can take in a week, so when the order is full, I won't take anymore orders. Please help me to not cancel your orders k? Love ya always! :)

~Til then

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding bliss! :)

Aloha! ;)

I’ve added another size for my small size cupcakes (Classic Chocolate and Very Vanilla only) which is:

Small : A box of 64 = RM 60

Extra Special
Small : A box of 64 = RM 65

Below are the photos of small size cupcakes (64 pcs). Last week I baked the cupcakes for Kak Ngah’s in law’s family for hantaran (wedding). The design is simple as requested by her. The icing is in baby pink shades and I topped it off with a red heart. Somehow it looks nice even though it is such a simple design. What do you think?

I baked other cupcakes too for a first timer.. ;)

Ok people, I've updated my blog...I will update some more next week k.. :) mwah mwah
~Till then