Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm baking more tonite..


So how's puasa for everyone? Hope everything goes smoothly.. heheh

Anyway, I just want to upload the cupcakes that I baked for these past few days..

This cuppies are for Ody's mama...Happy Birthday aunty! :)

These cupcakes are supposed to be for my BB frens for our buka puase at mdm. kwan's. Unfortunately, I spent the night before at my sister's house, and I accidently left it at her house.. huhu sorry gurls, next time eh? Rezeki kakak aku and family abg izal.. :)

And these cuppies are for Nadhirah, a new customer.. enjoy ya! ;)

Alrite peeps...I need to go and prepare myself for tonite...ehehe.. take care! *mwahs*

Monday, September 15, 2008

Biskut Cornflakes Milo


My friend is selling Biskut Cornflakes Milo for Raya. I tried it before and it is very nice! :)

Check out the photos!

Small (30pcs) - RM10
Large (60pcs) - RM20

So if you are interested, please contact:
En. Peja (24 hours) – 0133413615

Or you can contact me, then I can tell him. Hehe ;)
Make sure to order ya! ;) ~tata

Cupcakes...Cupcakes...Cupcakes ! ;)

Hello hello!

I’m so sorry because I haven’t update my blog for quite some time..I’ve been super busy, lots of buka puasa invitations and also my pending account thingy… ;p anyway, I have so many photos of my cupcakes that I want to show you…So let’s get started ya….

I buka puasa with my UiTM friends, and I bake cupcakes for them, so that they can try my lovely cupcakes..hehe Check out the pix…

I also buke puasa with my babes and we celebrated Yanie’s birthday at Naili’s Place Ampang..Hehe she was so surprised because we never mentioned that we were going to celebrate her birthday! Anyway, as usual, I baked cupcakes for her, but just a few pieces because we bought her another cake. Happy Birthday Yanie! :)

Oh yes, I just wanna show a pix of Sabrina and the Cupcakes supporters.Thanx guys for supporting me. Love u ols! mwah mwah! :)

Ok peeps, catch me in the next post ya! Take care everyone! ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday & Puasa

Selamat berpuasa everyone!

Hehhe...ade ponteng x?

Anyway, I've been baking these past days... Take a look at the photos, because I find it adorable! haha :)

The cupcakes are for my dear fren Ody (cute lil' girl!).. It's for her buke puase with her classmates..heheh hope u guys like it!

Alrite then...I gtg..we catch up later ya! ;)
~Till then

Thursday, September 4, 2008

At last! ;)

Heya people!

My logo is done! As well as my stickers and my name card..heheh

Check out my stickers ! ;)

So next time, when u order my cupcakes, the box will be like these photos.....

What do u think? Comel x? hehehe.. ;p

Ok peeps...Selamat berpuasa! :)


Monday, September 1, 2008

Raya Oh Raya! :)


This is a reminder to everyone who wishes o order my cupcakes. I won’t be taking orders from 27th September till 5th October 2008 because I want to celebrate Raya to the fullest…heheh ;p so make sure you place your orders before those dates ya? :) hmm..there are people asking whether I’m making biskut raya. Well, I’m not sure yet, will inform if there are lots of people begging me to bake my cookies… ;p

Last week was another busy week for me…I baked more than 100pcs of cupcakes… Below are the pix..

I also baked for a hantaran for my friend. The design is same as the previous design for the hantaran, except the icing is in light green. These are the photos…

Gtg... I've tons of work to do..~tata