Monday, September 15, 2008

Biskut Cornflakes Milo


My friend is selling Biskut Cornflakes Milo for Raya. I tried it before and it is very nice! :)

Check out the photos!

Small (30pcs) - RM10
Large (60pcs) - RM20

So if you are interested, please contact:
En. Peja (24 hours) – 0133413615

Or you can contact me, then I can tell him. Hehe ;)
Make sure to order ya! ;) ~tata


Gerrard said...

hey!! those cake photos are yummy!!!! but u are more pretier than those cakes in de photo of ur profile.. don think i m flirting n all. jus felt lik telling u.. thats y!!anyways good job and this is my blog address... its not abt cup cakes.. its abt INDIA... so visit wen u are free and post some comments.. byeeeee!!!

SabrinaAndTheCupcakes said...

no i know u r not flirting.. ;p hehe thanx and i will check out ur blog!take care ya.. :)

ilovebudu said...

kalau nak rasa sample satu dahulu boleh?..kira cam invest rm2 future dapat rm20 kan....kekeke

Nota Kaki:Nampak Meriah & Sedap..

sabrina said...

huhu..kalo nk sample kene tanye tuan yg buat biskut nih dulu la..;p