Monday, November 16, 2009

October '09 Cupcakes

Hey there peeps! Its already November, and gosh, how the time flies.. :) Check out my October cuppies ya! Happy viewing.... :)

Ordered by : Kak Rohani
For her hubby's birthday

Ordered by : Hisham
3 boxes of 36 pcs of cupcakes (Classic Orange, Very Vanilla and Chocolate Orange)
For her sister's wedding (Theme colour : Green)

Ordered by : Edura
For her friend who is getting engaged and fo her Raya openhouse.

Made this for Azura Al Jeff for her birthday. I never break my promise tau! :)

Ordered by : Li
For his office's Pot Luck

Ordered by : Farha

For my fren Nik. I promised him also for free cupcakes...heeee :P

Ordered by : Mie
For her friend's birthday

Ordered by : Haley
For doa selamat kenduri at her place..

Ordered by : Aman
For his sweetherat, Miss schweeettt! :)

Ordered by : Tia
For her friend's birthday and for makan-makan... :)

For Qypot's makan-makan at his school..

Ordered by : K-rey
For his friend's birthday...

Ordered by : Fattah
For makan- makan ( I guess...hehehe)

Alrite dearies... Thats all for now.. will upload more cuppies pix next month.. See ya! :)