Monday, July 12, 2010

June 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 3

JUNE 2010 Hantaran Cupcakes. :)

Ordered by Azlina

Ordered by Fatimah Munirah

This order is very last minute, I have to use what I have in stock. huhu

Ordered by Rick

These cupcakes were also ordered in the last minute, I gotta use whatever I have in my stock for the deco. huuuuuu



June 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 2

LB's JUNE 2010 THEMED cupcakes! ;)

Ordered by Aizan

Theme : Friendship Forever

Ordered by Alis

Theme : iPhone

Ordered by Farah

Theme : Birthday Party

She said, "Sabrina, thx a lot. My daughters love it."

Thanx dear! :)

Ordered by Nazura

Theme : Chilli Peppers

Ordered by Norasyila

Theme : Fairytales

Ordered by Wan Nur Ameera

Theme : Love Is In The Air

These are my Father's Day cupcakes for 2010!. Thanx to those who purchased these yummy cupcakes! ;)

"Atok and abah suka sgt cupcakes tu. Dua dua kata comel sangat & sangat sedap. :D Thanx Kak Biena."

Awww..thanx so much dear. muah! :)

These edible images cuppies were ordered by my cousin, Wawa for Mother + Father's Day. hehe good job bebeh celebrate sekali! :) Thanx so much Wa!

Part 3 is cominggggggggggg....... :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

June 2010 Cupcakes Pt. 1

Howdy peeps!

Check out LB's JUNE 2010 Regular cupcakes! :)

Ordered by Anna

Ordered by Haley

Ordered by Kak Syikin
(this was actually LB's extra cupcakes)

Ordered by Kamel

Ordered by Nazura

Ordered by Syikin

Ordered by Tgee

Part 2 is coming up..stay tuned! :)