Thursday, May 7, 2009

APRIL 2009 Cupcakes

Aloha my dear readers! :)

I apologized for the very late updates, been bz (i know i say this all the time), plz forgive me. Since my meeting today is postponed to 2moro, I have the time to update my blog. So check out theshots ok? Happy viewing! :)

These cuppies are for Kak Any's daughter, Tahirah, who turned 7! :)

My dear Sabrina ordered another 100pcs of my cuppies to be sold at MMU Malacca. Hope the sale was good! :)

Tia ordered these cuppies for her colleague, whom just got back from Boston!

And this 36pcs of small cuppies are for Haley. She was craving for them, heheh :)

Ordered by my first-timer, Yusniza. Hope u like them! :)

Ordered by Muszaini for her son, also a first timer.. :)

From Diana to her sister, Tyjay (a very nice surprise!) :)

Ordered by Krey (die ni kwn skola agama). Bagus2! hehe :)

Ordered by Ain. She wants the cuppies to be in pink only. :)

Ordered by Irman. Second time. hehehe Call me for more cupcakes! :)

Ordered by Kak Fyad. Yup, her fav colour is purple! :)

Ordered by Aini Najwa for her mummy!

Ordered by Shikin. Thanx for the text (saying that my cuppies are lovely! ) :)

Ordered by Yusniza. Thank u for the second order in the same month! :)

This is especially for Jue. Hehe check out the pix k, sian u x smpt nk tgk the cuppies. Especially for her husband, u r so sweet dear! :)

This one is for Kak Weda. For her engagement. Congrats dear sis! :)

That's all for April. I will be updating more pix for May cuppies. Thanx for the supports and love u all! Muahs! :))