Friday, July 25, 2008

My Cupcakes Photos (^_^) Pt. 2

Heya...Check out my cupcakes photos...They are irresistable + yummy! ;)

L-R: Large, Medium & Small



Chocolate Chip Cupcakes (Medium) - 25 pcs

Shel's Birthday

Very Vanilla Cupcakes (Large) - 20 pcs

More photos are coming up... :)

If u have any comments or suggestions, please do so by writing a comment in my blog, ok?

Take care and have a lovely day! ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Cupcakes Photos (^_^) Pt. 1

Good day everyone! As I promised, I will post my cupcakes photos so that you can see how good my cupcakes look and taste!.. :p

Classic Chocolate Cupcake

Very Vanilla Cupcake

Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Ken's Birthday

Mummy's Birthday

There will be more photos coming be patient aite? take care ppl..hugz! ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Introducing...Sabrina & the Cupcakes

Hello people! This is the new blog for Sabrina & the Cupcakes. You can totally ignore the info in my Friendster’s blog as I have made some changes about the pricing and other stuff. So next time, check out this blog only, ok?

So let me tell a little story about Sabrina & the Cupcakes. Well, as all of you know that I quit my job as a student counselor in ELS because of several reasons. And one of the reasons is because I want to start my own business. I’ve been thinking about it for quite sometimes, but I was just not sure what type of business I want to venture in. My sister (Kak Ngah) discussed about it with me and she said its better if I do something that I like (meaning to say, my interest). So, I’ve decided to do something that I love and enjoy so much which is baking cupcakes! So ladies and gents, I bring you:

Sabrina & the Cupcakes...... :)

To me, cupcakes are individual and they are beautiful in their own way. Lagi senang nk mkn, betul kan? Hehhe nway basically people order cupcakes because of birthdays, baby shower, kenduri, etc.... order sbb nak makan je pun bole...heheh.... For all my cupcakes, the minimum you must purchase is 1 BOX. It doesn’t matter which size you choose, the minimum is still 1 box. There is no limitation for order, but if there is, I will put up a notice in my blog. Btw, my location is in Taman Cheras Indah, KL (near Pandan Jaya and Pandan Perdana). You can pick up your cupcakes yourself, or I can deliver it to you (but there will be charges). And I only deliver to certain places only, so just tell me first where you want my cupcakes to be delivered.

Ok, so at the moment, I have 3 flavours of cupcakes:
1. Classic Chocolate Cupcake
2. Very Vanilla Cupcake
3. Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Basically I have 3 sizes of my cupcakes, large, medium and small. There are 3 kinds of cupcakes that you can order (Regular, Extra Special and Wedding). Below are the info on my cupcakes prices and size.

L-R : Large, Medium, Small

Regular means that I will do the icing or topping according to my preferences. So it is up to me what I want to do with your cupcakes toppings. Hehe!

For Classic Chocolate and Very Vanilla Cupcake:

-: A box of 20 : RM 45
-: A box of 25 : RM 40
-: A box of 36 : RM 55
-: A box of 36 : RM 36
-: A box of 49 : RM 48

For Chocolate Chip:

-: A box of 20 : RM 50
-: A box of 25 : RM 45
-: A box of 36 : RM 60
Extra Special

Extra Special means that you may request the type of toppings that you want. It could be anything you want but you gotta tell me in advance, say 1 week before.

For Classic Chocolate and Very Vanilla:

-: A box of 20 : RM 50
-: A box of 25 : RM 45
-: A box of 36 : RM 60
-: A box of 36 : RM 40
-: A box of 49 : RM 55

For Chocolate Chip:

-: A box of 20 : RM 55
-: A box of 25 : RM 50
-: A box of 36 : RM 65


I will be doing cupcakes for weddings too. It can be for your ‘hantaran’ and also for gifts to guests. But the designs are still under constructions so please be patient and I will update the photos as soon as possible! The prices will be a bit different since weddings are extra special occasion. :)


Ok peeps, these are important reminders for anyone who wishes to order my cupcakes, so please pay attention:

1. The order should be made 4 days before the actual event. [except for Extra Special (1 week before) and Wedding (3 weeks before) ]
2. Delivery charges will be around (RM5-RM20) depending on your location. I only deliver to certain places, so you can inform me first where you want it to be delivered.
3. Payment must be made upon receiving my delicious cupcakes.

For those who are interested to order my cupcakes for birthdays, all those ‘kenduri’ and any other functions, you can :
---> email me at
---> Send a message thru my Friendster or Facebook

I will check my email everyday, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

So, go ahead and order and you will keep coming for more! Tata~

I will put up my cupcakes photos in my next post. Don’t forget to check out my blog everyday ok? Peace! :)